Vienna Malt

Specialty Malt 

vienna malt

Vienna malt is a lightly kilned malt, with a light to medium amber colour. Traditionally, Vienna malt played a crucial role in the development of Vienna lagers, contributing to their rich malt character and amber colour. It is also a key ingredient in Märzen beers traditionally brewed for Oktoberfest celebrations. It offers a balance between malt sweetness and a mild, nutty character, less intense than those of darker caramel and higher roasted malts. Vienna malt contributes to a medium-bodied and smooth mouthfeel adding a creaminess to overall texture.

traditional usage
Veinna Lagers, Märzen (Oktoberfest) Lagers, Amber Ales
roast level
177°C to 232°C
flavour profile
Malty, sweet, and nutty