Height of Arrows is a gin inspired by how we make whisky. Whisky’s vast array of flavours rely on distillers’ expertise in using just three ingredients, water, malted barley and yeast. In creating Height of Arrows we sought to create a gin that followed the same principle of utilising a few ingredients and elevated them to achieve an abundance of flavour.


To create Height of Arrows we have focused our production on gin’s essential botanical, juniper, with each iteration using Juniper in a different way. Height of Arrows showcases Juniper’s complex flavours, while additions of Isle of Skye sea salt and natural beeswax, marry with juniper to impart a further depth of flavour and create a layered texture.

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Just 3 Ingredients


Juniper Berry

We focus our production on a singular botanical, juniper, with each iteration of Height of Arrows using Juniper in a different way. All of the complex flavours in each iteration come from a single source; juniper.


Bees Wax

By adding beeswax we elevate Height of Arrow’s texture. Beeswax creates an incredibly smooth, oily texture that marries with the natural juniper oils to create a juicy juniper forward gin with an incredible mouthfeel.


Sea Salt

Sea salt is a natural flavour enhancer creating layer and depth to juniper’s diverse range of flavours.

Arthur’s Seat and the Height of Arrows

Holyrood Distillery sits in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat that stands at 251 metres above Edinburgh’s old town. At its peak you can see the entire city. The Gaelic name for the mountain is Àrd-Na-Said, which literally translated means the ‘Height of Arrows’ as the mountain was believed to be the furthest distance any archer could shoot an arrow. Height of Arrows struck a chord with us. Not only did it reflect Arthur’s Seat, but was a name born from pushing to the limits of possibility.


Uniquely funky, made with juniper fermented with fresh lemon and salt. 

Our Height of Arrows Expressions


A multi-layered gin with whisky thinking at its heart.


A bold, juniper forward expression of Height of Arrows.


A robust juniper heavy expression of Height of Arrows, sweetened in the Old Tom style.



Height of Arrows relates to Arthur’s Seat, the mountain which sits just behind the distillery. “Height of Arrows” is the literal translation of Àrd-Na-Said, the Gaelic name for the mountain. Standing at 251m, the height of Arthur’s Seat is said to be the furthest distance an archer could shoot a bow.
All of the Height of Arrows iterations contain one botanical; juniper, which creates an abundance of complex flavours. In addition to juniper are two modifiers, sea salt and natural beeswax. Both have an impact on the gin but do not add additional flavour, unlike botanicals that are used to impart flavour in gin. Sea Salt acts as a natural flavour enhancer, imparting depth and layers, while beeswax creates a unique oily texture.
Height of Arrows is a gin created by whisky makers. When we create whisky we use a few ingredients to create an abundance of flavour. To create Height of Arrows we employed the same principles, focusing on juniper as our sole botanical only using additional ingredients to intensify flavours and our gin’s texture.

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