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Details and Approval

As part of our cask programme, please confirm some details for your cask(s).
This can be found on your cask certificate(s), otherwise please email
If part of a group, please provide the names of the group members.


All sample requests will be subject to shipping costs paid by receiver. You will be contacted directly to pay these charges. Please contact us directly for an estimate for what these charges will be. If you are an international cask owner, there may be some local duties or tax due in your country to receive the sample which you are responsible for.
I confirm responsibility for any charges incurred for shipment(Required)

Please provide delivery details

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Sample Approval

As a cask(s) owner, I approve of a 10cl maturing spirit sample being drawn from my cask. Please note that three samples are provided over the 10 years and we recommend drawing these at 1, 3 and 7 or 10 years.

Future Developments to the Cask Programme

We are shaping our cask owner programme, please let us know if you you would be interested in: